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Local donair restaurant steps up digital presence with Marshall Technologii

Among locals and tourists alike, Quality Donair is becoming well-known as one of the best donair places in Red Deer, Alberta. The restaurant, which gets dozens of rave reviews online, reflects owner Amar Singh’s passion for great donair — a Canadian favorite — and his love for people. Now with an attractive new website and a custom mobile app from Marshall Technologii, Quality Donair is unstoppable.

Singh sought Marshall Technologii’s help with going digital as he was thinking of expanding his business to other locations. “We were mostly doing things manually and with the changing of time, technology is a big part of the food industry. We are also looking to open branches in other locations in Red Deer and other cities. We want to make our delicious donair accessible to more Canadians.”
Singh talked about the challenges he faced in the process of moving his business away from manual operations and building his online presence. “I had all the tools like social media, a website, and so on, but I was having issues with the providers and their support was not great. I definitely knew I needed to improve this, but due to my busy schedule I didn’t get to it.
“Daniel Mbewa, the owner of Marshall Technologii, was great at helping me solve some of the issues that we were having. Marshall Technologii streamlined our online presence by creating a new website for us, as well as our own custom mobile app for pickup. We are planning to expand this app to delivery in the future. It will be very useful as we expand to other locations,”

said Singh, adding that Mbewa also provided him with IT support for his point-of-sale system.

Quality Donair Red Deer

Quality Donair’s growing online presence boasts an increasing number of glowing reviews on its Facebook page, Google page and other platforms such as Restaurant Guru, from delighted customers who say the restaurant offers “the best donair in town”. Customers also praise the friendly staff and superb customer service. Some even talk nostalgically of how they associate the restaurant with coming home to Red Deer.

With regular patrons now being able to use the restaurant’s own mobile app, Quality Donair has gained more control and flexibility over its operations as well as saved money by reducing its dependence on third-party delivery apps. Having the custom app also means receipts are printed automatically, and the restaurant staff spend less time on the phone taking orders. Singh says these benefits help the restaurant stand out from the competition.

Singh aspires to have his donairs become a staple in every home in Red Deer and hopefully beyond, for generations to come. He takes pride in being able to provide employment opportunities for people in his community, in addition to supporting his family. “I do think our business is a positive addition to the community. We are engaged in the community, and we serve the best quality donairs,” he said.

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