Take Your Business to the Next Level With 3D Virtual Tours

If you’ve been looking into 3D virtual tours to help you grow your business, you’ve come to the right place.

Demand for 3D Virtual Tours

The last decade has seen a growing utilization of 3D virtual tours in multiple industries to increase brand awareness and keep customers engaged. The demand for this cutting-edge marketing tool is driven by an increasingly competitive market for business, which has only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Marshall Technologii taps into this demand by putting together stunning tours and providing useful features such as hosting, schematic floor plans, publication to Google Street View, and property landing pages as part of the company’s 3D virtual tour offering.

Key Benefits of a 3D Virtual Tour

Virtual tours utilize cutting-edge technology to provide an accurate and immersive experience for users

With just a few mouse clicks, 3D virtual tours give users an unprecedented ability to navigate spaces, showing a 360-degree view of every room and corner. It’s never been easier to showcase large residential and commercial development projects, including retail showrooms, hotels, restaurants, offices, hospitals and other public-facing businesses.

The ability of customers to see a property on their laptops or smartphones anywhere, and at any time, makes scheduling conflicts and time zone differences things of the past. A digital nomad could be relaxing on a white-sand beach in the tropics while contemplating their next co-working space in Calgary.

In addition, some clients are simply curious and have no intention of buying or renting. A 3D virtual tour allows them to view the property comfortably and at their own pace, without feeling pressured by a real estate or sales agent, or taking up the latter’s time unnecessarily. If they become interested, they will contact the company to ask for more information.

Virtual tours also eliminate the hassle of having to arrange for cleaning of a property for every viewing.

3D virtual tours are accessible 24/7

Offer more value to clients while saving time and other resources

Many long-stay visitors and newcomers to Canada are reluctant to rent an apartment sight unseen because of potential issues that may not be easy for them to determine based on photos. Thus they are forced to spend weeks at hotels when they arrive in the country, while they set up viewing appointments and negotiate lease terms. 

With 3D virtual tours, property managers can help valuable tenants to avoid much of that expense, hassle and uncertainty, and to feel more confident with renting Airbnb accommodations or signing a long-term lease even while they’re halfway across the world. 

Less time spent on meeting potential clients and physically showing properties also enables property managers to utilize personnel and other resources more efficiently. This is not a small benefit considering that economic realities in recent years, exacerbated by the pandemic, mean that organizations are placing an increased focus on operational efficiency.

The trend towards remote work is likely to continue even as we emerge from COVID-19 restrictions. With more people spending time online, there’s never been a better opportunity to connect with your target audience through your website and social media presence. Statistics from show that property listings with virtual tours get clicked on 40 percent more than those without virtual tours. They also get more phone and email inquiries, and generate more qualified leads.

Professional companies such as Marshall Technologii can help you increase audience engagement with the ability to share, embed and post virtual tours on Facebook and other social media platforms. Mattertag posts allow for labeling or adding context to different aspects of a 3D model, and basic space traffic analytics can help you track how your audience is interacting with your brand.

Attract more clients, website traffic, and customer engagement

Protect employees from health risks and promote their well-being

It’s not only COVID-19 variants and pandemic-induced workplace fatigue that we’re worried about nowadays. We’re in an era of superbugs, which is motivating many organizations to come up with innovative ways of doing business to safeguard their employees’ health and well-being. With companies becoming more competitive, employees are also more prone to workplace stress.

Virtual tours significantly reduce the need for face-to-face meetings between your staff and clients. Not only does it lessen the risk of outbreaks that may result in your establishment being shut down. It can also help you to avoid unforeseen expenses due to employees getting ill, such as sick pay, lost time, and potential legal liabilities.

Why Virtual Tours?

  • 24/7 availability online
  • Virtual tours allow your clients to see more details
  • Attract more leads
  • Increase traffic and engagement
  • Increase customer interaction and enhance user experience
  • Navigate a space from anywhere at anytime
  • Save time on viewings and appointments
  • Keep yourself and others safe and healthy

Who do we serve?

  • Schools and day care Facilities
  • Real estate agents, property managers, rental listings and investors
  • Local businesses (retail stores, restaurants, etc.)
  • Hotels, Airbnb and other accommodations
  • Insurance and restoration
  • Other public-facing facilities and architecture

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What is the price for a 360 Tour?

  • $250/tour + $0.15 of your square footage
  • 3D Model Hosting for $15/month or $165/year
  • Schematic Floor Plans for $50
  • Publish to Google Street View for $150
  • Property Landing Page for $ 250

What features the best 360 tour has?

  • Can be easily Share, embed, and post to social media
  • Mattertag posts
  • Basic space traffic analytics
  • 3D Showcases
  • Dollhouse and floor plan view
  • Tour snapshots
  • Tour short or long videos
  • Virtual shopping experience