Facebook Page and Online Food Ordering

Take orders right from your Facebook Page

Did you know that Facebook accounts for over 42% of all social media site visits? Making it the most popular social network site.

Why not capitalize on this and have customers order right from your Facebook page.

  • Have unlimited orders and locations
  • No commissions on orders
  • Take orders straight from Facebook without trading profits
  • Have one spot to change your menu and it changes everywhere else
  • Receive orders straight to your smart phone or tablet
  • Increase your sales by letting your customers order while you are closed – Order for Later

Example: Go to our Facebook Page (Marshall Technologii) and Click on Marshall Menu.

Facebook & Online Food Ordering Brochure

Watch Video – HappiDeals Online Ordering Solution

* First Month Free Trial. $45/month thereafter.
** Additional Fees apply to premium services.


Facebook Food Ordering - Click on Marshall Menu
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